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Rules & Agreements

You can benefit from capacities of Invest24x7 Trading Limited in accordance with the Agreement, that should be accepted upon your registration. The Parties consider legal equality of electronic documents to signed papers. Given Agreement is the public offering and does not require to be signed. Please be informed on the content of the given agreement and the following legal provisions. Agreement on services' provision by Invest24x7 Trading Limited including trust management and information consulting services.

1. Definitions

1.1. Customer - any private person or legal entity, that cooperates with Invest24x7 Trading Limited and accepts provisions and regulations of the given Agreement. Company - Invest24x7 Trading Limited and the Company's employees.

2. Subject matter of the Agreement

2.1. In accordance to the conditions of the given Agreement, the Company provides and the Customer is obliged to accept the following services:
Trust fund management of the Customer's funds at Forex trading;
Information consultancy of the Customer on issues of the Company's trading at Forex trading.

3. Rights and obligations of the Company

3.1. Consultancy and support of the Customer on the investment aspects of the Company's activity.
3.2. Invest24x7 Trading Limited guarantees the profit-making basing on its experience and qualifications of the Company's employees. At the same time, profit calculation is done daily, including week-ends and public holidays in line with the conditions of depositing, accepted by the Customer, owing to the profit gained within the next trade days. Funds withdrawal is done daily.
3.3. Invest24x7 Trading Limited has a right to refuse a service provision to the Customer and arrange further return of funds invested by the Customer to the account the funds were received from.
3.4. If any provision of the given Agreement was violated by the Customer, the Company has a right to block the Customer's account without return of funds. The Customer, that has violated the given Agreement, is obliged to abandon any claims to the Company at any way.

4. Rights and obligations of the Customer.

4.1. The Customer is obliged to provide a real user data during registration after the given Agreement was accepted.
4.2. The Customer guarantees possession of all valid legal grounds for accounts at payment systems, used by the Customer for funds transfer to the Company's accounts.
4.3. The Customer confirms that no additional accounts (registrations) with Invest24x7 Trading Limited exist at the moment of the Customer's registration.
4.4. The Customer is obliged to refuse the Company's services for any activities that may be associated with illegal trade, money laundering and legalization of illegal funds.
4.5. In case of any error, the Customer is obliged to inform the Company's customer service within 3 (three) days at any convenient way. The Customer is also obliged to inform on the transaction details for quick resolution of the issue. If the Customer has failed to inform on the error and uncompleted transaction, the transaction is considered to be complete. At the same time the Company is not responsible for any risks in regard of the storage of the Customer's funds in case of any errors.

5. Anti-spam policy

5.1. The Company declares its negative attitude to any forms of advertisement, that can be defined as SPAM.
5.2. The account of the Customer - malefactor, who has direct or indirect connection with SPAM, is blocked as soon as possible and the Customer's private information is disclosed to the authorities acting within London action plan on spam enforcement agencies.
5.3. It is allowed to advertise the project and post advertisements using resources permitting such activity.
5.4. If you are likely to advertise the Company through forums and private groups, you should inform the Company on your intentions.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. Information protection
6.1.1. The Company uses all necessary means for data protection to avoid unauthorized access, disclosure, any change or termination. The necessary means include internal verification of information collection, storage and processing and the measures applied for data physical protection to avoid unauthorized access to the Company's storage systems for personal data.
6.1.2. The Company's provides access to personal data only for those employees and agents of Invest24x7 Trading Limited, who are in need of this information for maintenance, development and improvement of our services. These individuals are obliged to keep the Company's privacy policy, and penalties, including contract termination and prosecution may be applied in case of violations of their obligations.

7. Security

7.1. The Customer is responsible for non-disclosure of confidential personal data for the Customer's account access and is fully responsible for all actions related to the Customer's account. Disclosure of your personal confidential data may lead to the account blocking till your registration data are verified. All deposits and withdrawal retests are suspended while the account has been blocked.
7.2. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform the Company on any unauthorized use of the personal data for account access, and any other security violations.

8. Liability of the Parties

8.1. The Company is obliged to provide services of respective quality and within agreed terms.
8.2. The Customer is obliged to arrange complete and timely payments to the Company for the rendered services.

9. Force - Majeure

9.1. In case of unforeseeable and exceptional (force-majeure) circumstances, which prevent from fulfilling the Company's obligations under the given Agreement, the term of completion of the obligations under the given Agreement is delayed for the duration of force-majeure circumstances. The Company is not liable for any delays of fulfillment within force-majeure.
9.2. A party faced with force majeure should formally notify the other party on beginning or ending of the circumstances within 3 (three) days after beginning or ending of such circumstances.

10. Validity of the Agreement

10.1. The given Agreement comes into an effect since the moment of its conclusion and is valid till its termination by the Parties.
10.2. Each of the Parties of the given Agreement has a right to terminate the Agreement through the prior notification of the other Party within 10 (ten) days before conclusion of the current reporting period.

11. Affiliate program

11.1. In order to expand customers base, Invest24x7 Trading Limited through advertisement of the Company pays 3 levels (3% - 2% - 1%) of partnership commission of any deposited amount.
11.2 It's not mandatory to open deposit in order to participate the affiliate program and profit for invited clients.
11.3. The Customer registered through the referral link of the other customer is fixed in the partner structure on the last one for ever.
11.4. Registration of partners by the same Customer using the same PC is strictly prohibited, if no exception was done for the specific case. This kind of actions is considered to be a fraud. In case such accounts have been found by the Company, the accounts are blocked. The partners should be registered using different PCs. You can also be registered through the Customer's link, that ensures partial or full return of the partnership commission.

12. Disputes Resolution

12.1. Disputes and disagreements arising within the services provision by the Company to the Customer, are resolved through negotiations between the Customer and the Company by the most convenient way and agreement between parties.
12.2. The Company is not responsible for the Customer's inability to establish contact with the Company.
12.3. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage of the Customer caused by any delays or inability of the electronic money transfers to the Customer.
12.4. The Company is not liable for any consequences resulted by the Customer's violations of Agreements with the payment systems used by the Company.
12.5. The Company is not liable for any delays or non-fulfillment of its obligations in line of the given Agreement, if these were resulted by the force-majeure circumstances objectively preventing the Company from fulfilling its obligations.
12.6 The Company is not liable for any loss or damages reasoned by a failure of the Customer to follow instructions of the given Agreement.
12.7 In exceptional cases disputes may be resolved through involvement of the payment systems administrations.
12.8. In case of disputes between the Company and the Customer, the total amount reimbursed by the Company can't exceed the amount transferred by the Customer.

In case of the Customer's fault, the Customer guarantees the self-sustained reimbursement of any losses and damages caused to the Company.

13. Final Provisions

13.1. All information from the Company's web-site is protected by the legislation on copyright and related rights. Usage of any information form the Company's web -site must be approved by the administration.
13.2. The Company is liable only for the funds, assigned by the Customer for the Company's management at Forex trading and is not liable for the funds loss resulted by errors of electronic payment systems or extraneous reasons.
13.3. The given Agreement might be changed by the Company not earlier than 5 days since the Customer was notified through the message sent to the Customer e-mail box. 13.4. The text of the given Agreement entirely corresponds to the actual consent of the parties. The parties does not have any additional verbal agreements.

13.5. Refund Policy! All payments which are made in the Invest24x7 Trading Limited project are transactions which have irreversible character. In case you made payment on one of our accounts in electronic payment systems which we accept for payments, funds aren't subject to refund. You can't demand refund of money for any reasons, except that are provided by the provided company services of Invest24x7 Trading Limited. Therefore before making payment, make sure strongly that you made a final decision.

Being registered as an investor of Invest24x7 Trading Limited,you confirm your consent to each provision of this Agreement.